We Really Don't Need To Do A Walk
Through, However, If You Follow www.MoveOutProcess.com,
You'll Know Right From The Start How To Clean The Place Right The First Time.

When You Clean Right The First Time and Follw The Outline Below, Everything Will Be Fine. But, If It's Not Followed, I'm Only Going To Upset People By Pointing Out What Should Have Been Done or Cleaned Right The First Time.

We can not and will not assume or second guess when you are moving. It very important to review the lease and the top page of the lease with reference to MoveOutProcess.com 

Please follow these steps and links below. We want to thank
you for living at one of the properties we manage.

1. Notify us in writing. US Postal. Not by email, Not in person, Not by texting. We will only accept move out notices by US Postal as required by lease agreement. The notice will then be attached to your lease and it will become an addendum or exhibit to your lease.

2. Start planning your to do list during your 30 day period. Do not leave everything to do on the 29th day. Schedule the following. Contact US Post Office for change of address. Contact newspaper office, and other publications. Contact Utility companies.

3. Sometime during days one through fifteen. Clean your oven and stove, do not leave this for day 29 or day 30. Pull out stove if its a free standing stove and deep clean behind stove, floorbase boards and wall areas, also clean on all sides of stove. Be sure the stove is unplugged. Place back in its place. Clean inside of oven. Its the oven that everyone leaves for the last day and its the oven that tenants are for sure to be charged if they leave it to clean on day 30. Most tenant's intend to do their best when cleaning ovens, but they leave on wet oven cleaner, not realizing that the wet cleaner turns to a hard white caked on mess. When looking back inside after a few days you'll see that its a total mess.  Dryed on oven cleaner is difficult to remove ( See video below ) and had you cleaned it right the first time you never would have been charged. 

4. Pull out fridge. Clean sides of fridge and walls, baseboards and floor areas.

5. During days 15 thru 20 clean light fixtures and replace any burned out light bulbs

Kitchen's and Bathrooms are the hardest to clean.
Doing the steps above will save you a lot of time and stress.
Do not leave everything to do on day 30

Review Your Lease And Exhibits To The Lease

6. Start boxing things 30 days in advance and use an empty room for the filled boxes.

7. Ok, its day 30. By this time you have done several thing to make your move much eaiser because you followed the steps above. Had you left everything to do on day 30 your life will be one of chaos, a state of confusion and disorder and it will ALWAYS be the Landlords fault. Its never the tenant's fault when chaos, and a state of confusion or disorder comes about as a result of not following the move out process. So number seven is the most important sub paragraph in this outline. You will be in such a panic that you will have friends and church member helping out when they'll just get in the way. Totaling their hours will result in hundred's of hours worked. Everyone bumping into each other, bouncing around, messing up what others thought they cleaned or only surfaced cleaned. There is a big difference between surface cleaning and deep cleaning. Both take up the same amount of time. Surface cleaning is only a waste of time and effort and as a management company we have to hire someone to come in and clean all over again. See video in this link. If you want your deposit back in full, you'll follow the move out process. We have some who get charged a lot and we get some who actually receives a full deposit back less carpet cleaning. What did they do that was different? They actually followed the move out process. Do not take the move out process lightly.

8. If you followed steps above, most everything has been boxed and day 30 is upon us. Now that the place is empty it is VERY important to follow the following steps to ensure a healthy deposit refund and additional charges. Please refer to www.Exhibit-g.com to review.


What's the best direction to clean? Top to bottom when you dust, start at the top and work down, and the same when you clean walls. North and south, east and west when you scrub anything, you want to go in four directions not in a winding path. North and south, then east and west. When you scrub in circles, you really only clean and massage one side. When you scrub back and forth, you only get two sides and when you go in all four directions you agitate all the sides of the area. And, you're less likely to miss places.
A. Start with the bathrooms closest to the bedrooms. Use this area for cleaning prep for the bedrooms and hall ways. Start with the bedroom farest away from the bathroom.

B. Start with the light fixture. This should have been cleaned as outlined in step 5 above, just double check. After that remove any glowing stars or stickers from ceiling. Move towards the walls cleaning cob webs from corners. Work your way down the walls. DO NOT USE SERPENTINE CLEANING METHODS SUCH AS moving with a rag in a winding path. If you do this, look at the wall on an angle. You'll see the winding path of the rag. Like wise when cleaning appliances and counter tops. When this is cleaned this way its has to be RE-DONE. When you get to the base boards you will see built up dust caked on the base board edges and cold air return vents and outlet plates. Be sure to take care of that so we don't have to. Not just base boards but door frames and window frames, top, sides bottom and window seals and window frame gutters. The same process with closets, shelves, etc. Also, window blinds need cleaning as well. Now that bedrooms are complete, NEVER GO INTO THAT ROOM AGAIN, shut door and continue with next bedrooms. If you clean a room from back to front , toward the door, you save steps because you walk through the room just once and then work your way back out. If you clean in the other direction, you walk through the room several times or more. After the bedrooms are complete, do the hall ways and stair ways using the same process. After all that is completed start with the bathroom.

C. The Kitchen's and bathrooms are the hardest to clean and take up most of the time. When cleaning the bathrooms be sure to follow the same process as outlined in the bedrooms, PLUS the following. Med cabintes, mirror's. Shower tiles, tubs areas, for hard water deposits and grout. Vacuum out drawers and under sink areas. A lot of tenants wip out drawers only to push junk into the corners of drawers and shelving. After vacuuming you can start wipping out those stated areas. Clean the tub next, you should have been cleaning the tub during your stay, some don't and its usually those who don't that suffer the most. After cleaning the tub, clean the fixtures. Hard water deposits are easy to clean. Now its time to clean the cabinet and sink counter tops 

D. Bathroom floor. See links below for floors. After the bathroom is complete, NEVER USE that room again.

E. Living rooms are cleaned the same way you clean bedrooms.

F. Kitchen appliances and more. See sub paragraph 3 and 4 above. Start from the ceiling, and light fixtures. Work your way to the walls and cabinets. Working from the top to bottom with cabinets. Remember DO NOT USE SERPENTINE CLEANING METHODS SUCH AS moving with a rag in a winding path. If you do this, look a the wall on an angle. You'll see the winding path of the rag. Review sub paragraph B above. Vacuum out cabinets and inside corners. See sub paragraph C above. Clean out cabinets with damp cloth. Same method as sub paragrapg C. Countertop back splash, dust on outlets, walls as stated in sub paragraph B above, same process. From counter tops to drawers, same process as found in sub paragraph C above.

How To Clean Hair Spary From Bathroom Doors

How To Clean Windows and Mirrors

How To Clean Floors:
Hard Wood Floors   
Tile Floors 
Laminate Floors
How to Mop Floors
Bathroom Floors

Tips On Cleaning Tubs and Shower Floors
Link 1

Bathroom Tips
Spring Cleaning Bathrooms

Tips Sick Filth. If it gets this why you
should not have rented from us to start with


Tips On Ovens
Tip 1

G. Patio's and Other areas, outside of house.

H. Do not drive trucks on lawn. Damage to sprinklers and stop and waste areas will cost more to repair than you have as a seposit.

I.  If your entry way is next to a parking spot, do not back truck into the building. This will cost you more than you make in a month.

J.  Clean entry doors and frames.

K. If you are required to do your own yard work, be sure to mow and trim lawn before leaving

L. We don't want your security deposit and we don't want to use it up hiring people to come to the place when you move. We need your forwarding address as stated sub paragraph one and links found in sub paragraph one.

M. Keys. Three Options With Keys. If the locks on the place have been changed during your stay, follow the mailing instructions for keys in Exhibit E. If they are the orgional keys, place them in the fridge, call 435-915-3464 and leave a message stating keys have been placed in fridge and door is unlocked. If you have a garage door opener leave door code on voice mail and lock all doors except house entry to garage.

N. Thank you for your stay and make it a great successful journey. We loved having you rent from us. Thanlk you for following the move out process and working with us to get your deposit back as soon as possible.

Helpful PDF cleaning check list Link


Videos Of Dirty Units, Units That "Should" Have Been Cleaned Right The First Time. Click Here!